4-Who Lives in Woodside?

Woodside has been known as the largest Irish-American community in Queens. Woodside was once called the "Irish town", because 80% of Woodside's population was Irish. Many of our Irish Americans have become US citizens. In their pubs, televisions usually broadcast Gaelic football, or hurling matches. Pubs in Queens have traditional Irish music, but immigrants from Ireland prefer Celtic rock. Karaoke is popular in Ireland as well as pubs in Queens. Sometimes in pubs, you can see people grab a partner and start Irish dancing. Our neighborhood has a vast assortment of Irish pubs, which reflect a variety of cities and regions. For example, on 69th St there is Sean Carew's Pub. His children have all come to our school.
Emily from class 4-3 wrote about: Our School PS 229

PS 229 is a school located on 67-25 51 Rd. in Woodside, NY, 11377. It holds grades Pre-K to 6th Grade. Another name for this school is the Emmanuel Kaplan School, named after our first principal, Emmanuel Kaplan. The school was opened in the year 1964. PS 229's phone number is (718)466-2120. It holds over 1,270 kids in the school right now. It has gifted classes for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Once you get to 6th Grade, you have to keep switching classes to practice for Junior High. The school also has fun and interesting students, adults, and teachers.
During school time on Friday mornings, Ms. Dora Bettancourt holds ESL classes for parents, so they can help their children learn the English language. On Mondays and Thursdays, Mr. Rene' Perez does a sports program called R.E.P. They play sports and games, and teach them to others. They also have Virtual Y, Maspeth Town Hall, Recycling Police, Extended Day, etc. Our school is even in the finals for the Recyling Police. Starting in 3rd Grade, we start having city and state tests. There are 4 computer labs,an Art room, a Library, and lots of other activities!